Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts: Bumble&bumble Tonic Lotion

Is it possible to love something so much that you'd cry if you didn't have it?  It is?  Oh wait, that's what makes it a holy grail product!!!

Well I suppose, if I had to choose one for my hair, this would be in the list of "things I really actually can't live without" column.

Bumble says that this lotion is packed with vitamins, herbs, and tea tree oil...and it's meant for detangling, soothing, and gives your hair more moisture.  The formula is fabulous for all hair types, but especially for dry, coarse, damaged, and color treated hair.  You can also use it to reactivate product already in your hair to restyle.  Bonus!!!  Especially for people like myself who -- well quite frankly, give hair the super way back seat.

I spray this into towel dried hair every time I wash it, and I can honestly say it makes a huge difference!!  So much so that when I was traveling back in January I had to buy the little guy on the left in the picture :)  And the bottle on the right is my 2nd bottle since summer!

It also helps my styling products perform better -- I love having it in my hair when I have to curl or straighten (if you know me well, I rarely heat style my hair because it's already so dry and damaged) and it just makes it so soft -- which was a buzz word they used in trainings I've been to -- it softens the hair.

I just love it, and I don't forsee living without it.  Definitely a replenishing item for me!!

What:  Bumble&bumble Tonic Lotion
Where:  Sephora, Sephora.com, Bumble locations
How Much:  $20 (8oz bottle) or $7 (2oz bottle)

*this item was purchased by me!*