Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I work at....

I've never been one for hiding anything...especially not from you guys - my whole theory on that is: if I wouldn't buy it, I won't tell you to.  If I don't like it, I'll say so.  What I will do is tell you what I do like and what I don't like and let you (the reader) make your own choice.  My reasoning behind this choice is that my skin is not your skin.  What works for me won't necessarily work for you (and vice-versa).  I've always stated that I work in the realm of cosmetics and beauty, and when I'm reviewing products, I always disclose where it came from.

What the heck does this have to do with ANYTHING you may be wondering?  Most jobs have a book of policies that employees must follow during their employment -- and especially nowadays there are Social Media Policies -- and I just read a recent update to my own employer's policy and while in the past it has never stated that I cannot disclose the place where I work, for my own sanity (and the fact that I wanted to keep my personal life and internet life a little more separate), I didn't publicly state where I work, just that it was within the realm of cosmetics.  Since I started blogging and since I've had my YouTube channel, I've met a couple of people in the "real world" who have watched my videos or read my blog and I love seeing/meeting you all...it was just always super weird to have it happen at work and I didn't know how to take it.  I like keeping it not so "OMGIKNOWYOUIWATCHYOURVIDEOS" and more like "Hi, How are you?" -- being in theater, I'm all for recognizing people but not being insane about it - haha!

That being said, I feel more comfortable sharing a little more about it...my newest job title recently went onto my "about me" on my Instagram...and I figure if I can say it there, I can say it here -- most of you probably have guessed it (and those who know me more personally obviously already know where I work).  So with all this being said...

Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I'm a Senior Artist at Sephora :)

(this was the last time we did 80's day before we got the new "Star Trek" uniforms! haha)
(the first photo was from my location's grand opening)

So what does this mean for the blog and for YouTube?
Absolutely nothing.  I will still make videos and blog as usual.  Nothing will change.

A couple things do need to be put out right here for you all and for the sake of social media policies everywhere -- I've always said it, but I just want it completely black and white so that I *can* keep blogging and doing videos!

Yes, I work for Sephora.  Yes, I receive gratis.  I always have disclosed and will continue to do so when I receive products from work if they are gratis and are reviewed/featured on the blog or YouTube.  The most important thing I want to put out there (and this has never and will never change) is that all of my opinions are my own, they are not affiliated with Sephora.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Double Winged Liner

Just a quick little look for you all while I figure out what I want to blog on for the future -- I've been so busy with work (and now I've been cast in a musical that opens in September!) so by the time I get home, I'm just a little tired ;)

Products Used:
NARS Pro Prime Foundation Primer
Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation
Sephora Collection Microsmooth Powder
Tarte Glisten Amazonian Clay Blush
MAC Mystery Eyeshadow (brows)
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sin, Naked, Buck)
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liners (Black and Periwinkle)
Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Primer
Yves St. Laurent Babydoll Lashes Mascara
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment