Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snacky Cakes: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

After making them twice in 2 weeks and my dear friend Jess asking me to blog about them...Here's some tasty photos to look at!  I grabbed the recipe online (it's below the pix!) and baked away!

These are always a hit at parties or just for those random surprise treats!  A fair warning, there is real liquor in these cupcakes...and while most of it is cooked out, there is straight up Bailey's binding together the frosting.  FAIR. WARNING!  Haha.

(Side note:  I fill the cupcakes with the ganache using a bismark filling tip...and this time I put two whole nips of Bailey's in the frosting rather than the 4 Tbsp it calls thickened nicely and was not crystalline at all!)

Recipe can be found HERE

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  1. Excuuuuuuse me. I'M the reason you even know about these. I WANT MY CREDIT :p