Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living Proof: Straight

I don't talk too much about hair.  This is for a couple reasons.  One is I don't like my hair feeling like it's been weighted down by excess product, and two is that I don't like the way my hair feels with product in it.

Much like my skin, my hair is very dry...and on top of that it's damaged from years of hair dye (I'm attempting to go September 2012 to September 2013 without putting dye in it (unless required for a show)...whether or not it happens remains to be seen...).

I don't heat style my hair often unless I need it to look a certain way.  But when I do, I make sure it's protected.  If I do heat style, I will blow dry and either flat iron or curl depending on the occasion...and if I flat iron, I need it to stay somewhat straight for the next day as well because I don't wash my hair every day.

Enter: Living Proof Straight Spray.

Using the amazing technology from their wildly successful No Frizz line - the molecule PolyflouroEster (also known as OFPMA- this weightless spray can be applied to your hair wet or dry, before and after styling - and doesn't weigh the hair down with unnecessary silicones, resins, or chemicals.

For the photos below I applied the spray to my damp hair, applied heat from my blowdryer, finger raked, and achieved a massive mane of hair (that is pretty straight for me...I did not use a brush or a comb either - if you blow dry with a paddle or round brush, you will get a more sleek look than what I achieved here).

Another round of Straight spray applied, then flat ironed and here are the results!

I tend to finish off with a gentle mist of the spray after I'm done flat ironing (almost like hairspray but there's no hold to it...again, I hate feeling like I have a ton of product in my hair) and all I have to do the next day is remist and run a flat iron to get any pillow kinks out of my hair!

It sounds like you use a lot of product - and if you were to use it every single day as I use it you would most likely go through the can in a month.  I only straighten my hair around once a month so I've had my can for the better part of a year and it's only 1/3 gone.  If that gives you any kind of reference point.

I have to say I love it though...one of my favorite hair products I've used in a very long time.  Give it a try the next time you're looking for something life changing and you won't be disappointed :)


I did receive this product through my work but this has no bearing on my opinions on how the product functions...I am completely honest in all of my reviews.

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  1. We should do a part II to this post using my hair, because it's so much curlier than yours. Mayhaps?
    PS: I like your hair straight... I mean, I'm not used to it, I prefer it curly, but it looks goooood. (: