Sunday, May 10, 2015

Squeeky Clean: Cleansers

I love doing skincare posts for you guys because, quite frankly, I'm obsessed with what skincare can do not only to keep your skin where it should be, but how you can use it to prep for whatever makeup look you're going for!

Let's say you want something more long lasting and matte for the evening...choose your skincare based around that look (maybe using a mattifying hydrator as your moisturizer, or an oil control primer).  Glow like J-Lo more up your alley?  Grab some radiance serums and a lightweight face oil to press into your skin.

I spend the most amount of time on skin when I'm doing looks not only for myself, but for clients as well.  If this is something you're not used to or have any questions about, let me know and I can lead you in the right direction :)

Now, I'm sure you know by now that if you're wearing makeup all day, please, PLEASE, I BEG YOU...take it off at the end of the night.  I will say here: I don't love wipes as a primary method of removal (try taking a cotton round with some cleanser over your face after you use a'll see what I mean...) but if it's late and you simply can't make it to the sink, it will work in a pinch.

I'm a huge fan of the double cleanse, myself.  I find that it is quick, effective, and keeps my skin in tip-top shape.  But Ashleigh, what's a double cleanse???  Quite simply, cleansing twice!  My routine goes something like this:


*  Use either a cleansing water (also known as a micellar water in some circles) or a cleansing oil to really break up and remove the bulk of the makeup (oils are fun because it's like finger painting as your mascara and liner starts melting...I never said I wasn't a fan of the panda look, as long as I can get it off quickly!  Haha!)
     Shown Above:  Boscia Makeup BreakUp Cleansing Oil

*  Then I'll grab either a creamy or a foamy cleanser that has a makeup removing property and my Clarisonic Aria and get to exfoliating and really cleansing the grime and makeup off.  I like doing this second because I don't get the bulk of the makeup on the Clarisonic bush and have to deep clean it all the time.
     Shown Above:  First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, Sephora Collection Radiance Cleansing Foam

*   A couple times a week I will forgo cleansing with my Clarisonic and manually wash with the second cleanser so that I can do some kind of a manual exfoliation or a peel.  I like the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme peel in the photo because I can use it both as an exfoliator and a mask.  It has since been repackaged so don't be surprised if you don't find it in a tube!

*  The odd man out is my Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel.  I don't mention this a ton, but I do have hirsutism that stems from a PCOS diagnosis and I have facial hair I need to get rid of every day.  Sucks, but what can you do, right?  So I use this to keep my skin from freaking out and turning red on me...LOVE IT.

So then this is the result of some epic cleansing (and then layered off with skincare that is appropriate to my dry skin type)

What's your favorite cleanser?  Skincare Item?  Tell me!!!

In addition to the products I purchase, I receive a lot of product as GRATIS through my job.  I know I say this all the time, but it cannot be repeated enough in a social media dominated world -- It is up to me (and me alone) to feature what I feel are good products that I can stand behind 100%.  I always take the utmost care as I write my posts to give you, the reader, the best information that I can about my experiences.  If I love a product, I'll say so.  If I hate the product, I'll tell you why.  It's equal opportunity on my blog in all aspects.  I am in NO WAY a spokesperson for my job when writing on this blog.  No company, including the one I work for, has any influence on what I say or what I feature on the blog.

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