Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thoughts: Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil


Hahaha.  I do have a penchant for the dramatic, n'est pas?

But seriously.  This is one of my most loved products right now!  As you know (if you've been reading my blog) I do work at Sephora...therefore I get to try a lot (I repeat...A LOT) of skincare throughout the year.  There are times when I am halfway through something and I wish I could just get through it to try something new...but Seaberry Oil is something I want to never, ever, EVER, go away.

Seaberry oil is jam-packed with a great blend of pure oils and omegas including: 
  • seaberry - antioxidant and contains omegas 7 and 9 (moisturizing)
  • cranberry seed - helps keep skin smooth and elastic
  • camellia seed - emolliant and a skin moisturizer
  • grapeseed - anti-inflammitant, anti aging benefits
  • sweet almond  - an excellent emollient and moisturizer
  • Omega 3 - calming and soothing
  • Omegas 6+9 - improves skin elasticity, softness, and smoothness
  • Omega 7 -  an ingredient I don't see often in skincare, omega 7 enhances the skin's ability to heal itself

as well as being packed with omega essential fatty acids.  It also has vitamin E for hydration and and to maintain skin elasticity.

Seaberry (or seabuckthorn) which is native to Siberia and found across Asia and Europe, is a multi-use ingredient that can not only be refined to be used in face oil (which, clearly, is what I'm talking about in this blog post -- haha) but you can also refine it to be used in food/beverages (ps, if you can get ahold of Sibu juice [LINK] -- it's DELICIOUS...I had a training with the founder of Fresh in San Francisco last month and we got to try some!)

So why do I love it so?  Well firstly, dry skin loves moisturizing oils.  I am hoping I'm not the only desert skin out there who doesn't enjoy the feeling of argan oil on my face (I find it super thick and it never fully sinks in...and I loathe feeling greasy).  This just melts into my skin and leaves me looking so glowy and hydrated but never greasy or shiny.

I love mixing 2 drops of Seaberry Oil into my current moisturizer of choice.  It slightly changes the texture of the moisturizer (right now I'm using a Lancome night cream and a deluxe size Amore Pacific cream...but it pretty much mixes into any oil-free moisturizer very well) and turns it into a silky lightweight texture.  The creams sink into your skin and it's a fantastic way to feel ultra pampered.

You can also use it like you would any oil - I've run it through the ends of my hair, used it on my cuticles, mixed it into body lotion (which will be great coming into winter in Maine...my elbows and knees will love it!)

Have you tried Seaberry oil or any other face oil?  What was your favorite?

*this product was provided by the company to me through my job.  this does not influence what i put on my blog in any way.  my thoughts and opinions are my honest ones*

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