Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NAILS: "Stop Stocking Me" - Sephora By OPI Holiday 2011

I came to be in possession of a bottle of polish from the FABULOUS upcoming Holiday collection from Sephora By OPI (aka, I spent my last $ on it!  No guys, really...I paid in quarters...haha)!

Stop Stocking Me is a gorgeous metallic golden plum color, perfect for the upcoming holiday season as it's neither too vampy nor too pastel (think Sin-Cerely Violet from this past fall collection from the brand...it was so out of place amongst all the deep vampy colors).  On my nails it hovers somewhere between a more grayed-blue-toned plum and a more royal-blue purple...and being that I'm a HUGE purple lover, I fell in love with it just from seeing it in the bottle!

Head past the jump for photos and more details!

no flash 
(this one is most realistic to true color)



Sephora by OPI polishes are touted to be long lasting and chip resistant as well as being free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.  On days when I don't work both jobs and am not massacring my nails (both are retail centered), this former claim is most definitely true.  I can get a week with a manicure (again, if I'm not at work haha).

As far as the formulation goes for these polishes, they seem to be a tad (and we're talking the slightest of variances here) more liquid than the original OPI formula.  The brush is also the standard polish size that you see on many different brands rather than the OPI wide "professional" size brush - which for my nails works best.

The polish was opaque in 2 coats and being that it is a metallic shade there is a hint of brush strokes...but I can see past that because the color is just so gorgeous.  Dry time is going to depend on how thick you paint on your coats...for a thin coat maybe a couple minutes? I like to give each coat 4 minutes at the very least so that I know I won't smudge anything.

You can probably see more of a slight golden shimmer on my ring finger...and there's good reason for that - I've put my favorite glitter topcoat over the top of that nail...Wild About Shimmer from Sephora by OPI which will ultimately have it's own love-fest post (seriously you guys, it works over almost EVERY color AND on it's own...and it's not a P.I.T.A. to remove!)

If you're a purple lover, definitely check out this color - it's quite unique to my personal collection (everything else is either too pastel or much deeper and more red based)

Product:  Sephora By OPI: Stop Stocking Me
Availablility: Sephora.com and Sephora Stores
Price: $9.50 plus any applicable tax

*The product mentioned in this blogpost was purchased by me.  This has no bearing on what I write about any brand/product, nor am I being compensated for anything I write on my blog.  Integrity is far more important to me than money and I will always give an honest opinion about everything I write about.*

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