Saturday, December 3, 2011

Haul: Inglot Round 2!

Dear Inglot,
Why must you be so amazing.  Rarely do I find a cosmetic company that every time I order something new to try, I love it.  Thanks for being so awesome.

Head past the jump for photos and opinions of my new (small) haul!

So firstly, I got a sample of Inglot's YSM Cream Foundation (Shade 41).  It's a cream formula but it's so light and airy that it doesn't feel like any cream foundation I've ever worn...It looks phenomenal on my skin and doesn't irritate it...which is good :)  It also looks like SKIN which is something I love in foundations...I don't mind coverage but if you can give me coverage AND look natural, I'll love you even more...and this foundation delivers!

The photo above is me wearing the cream even photographs beautifully!  Note to self: Must invest in this foundation, but in a slightly darker shade...probably shade 49... (though, I will still use the sample until it's gone with a nice dose of bronzer!)

Above are the AMC Gel Liner in #74 (Matte plum) and DURALINE

Sorry that I didn't take a photo of the gel liner before I'd used it - I was too excited to see the color in person (I've not found very color accurate photos online of most of Inglot's for Temptalia...but she doesn't have liner swatches, just the shadows)  Granted, I know I don't take the most phenomenal photos but I always try to get as color accurate as possible and if not I let you know.

So for the record, the most color accurate for this liner are the swatches on my hand!

You can also find a more in-depth review of the gel liner (and their shadows) HERE

The photos below are of the DURALINE - it's a kind of mixing medium but it's so much more than just that!  You can use it to revive your drying fluidlines (or any gel liner), or you can mix it with pigments to make waterproof liquid liners!

I mixed the clear Duraline with Glamour Doll Eyes mineral in Veteran to make a dark blue liner.  Veteran has red sparkles in it but I think that you tend to lose some of that sparkle when you mix it...or maybe I didn't mix enough...I'm still getting the hang of it ;)  I'll have to remember to do a proper review of it at a later date!

On Eyes:
UD Virgin Shadow (lid)
YSL Burgundy Shadow (crease)
MAC Phloof Shadow (highlight)
INGLOT #47 liner (plum)
GDE Veteran mixed with Duraline (blue)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals silver glitterliner


  1. Really gorgeous eyelook there =)Love the gitter together with the blue and plum =)

  2. thanks! i really only had the two colors on to show what it looked like, but i did like it :D

  3. I have both the YSM and regular Cream Foundation and *LOVE* them both. Sadly, to order Inglot in Canada is through one of the 4 QUEBEC stores (yes, you read correctly, 4 in QC and nowhere else in Canada!) at a markup of upwards 40% more than in the US! It's ridiculous and sad and frusterfuckterpating *sigh*. However, more reason to visit Vegas annually LOL Have you tried any of the AMC lipglosses? I'm not a gloss gal but I LOVE MINE..beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for the fab review, I need to get me summa dat duraline :)

  4. Shannon: I am so excited about the Inglot foundations and I'll have to look into the glosses....currently i'm "lipped out" -- I have so many lipsticks and glosses that I already don't use! Haha. But I will keep them in mind!

    Yes, Canadian markup can be a PITA, but like I explain sometimes (and it will be featured in my review of the product) - I got my Josie Maran foundation in Canada and paid an extra $10 for it...TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. lol