Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rave: Inglot Duraline

Let's be real here.  I love eyeliner...but I have a problem.  I'm rubbish with pencils (unless it's specifically for lining the waterline) and nine times out of ten I just can't stop the slight shake in my hand that you get when you're using a liquid...so I've been living off of my cream and gel liners!

(for the record...personal favorites for cream/gel liners are:  MAC Chromaline, YSL Gel Liner, Clinique Gel Liner, and L'Oreal HiP gel liner)

MAC does a mixing medium - both water based and others (I own the water based) which is great and I love using it for pigments to foil them onto my lids...but it just doesn't hold up to my sneezy, itchy, watery, allergy prone eyes (aka, it's not waterproof).

Dear Stupid Allergy Eyes:  meet Inglot Duraline (clear bottle on the right).

Head past the jump to hear my thoughts on this [fantastic] product!

What is there to say about this small unassuming bottle of AMAZING?!
Pretty much everything.

Inglot Duraline is 9ml of pure awesome.  It's got a pretty strange consistency in that it looks like it would be thicker than it actually is...when you dispense some out of the convenient pump cap, it comes out a cross between watery eyedrops and those thicker gel eyedrops that you get when you're eye is acting wonky...don't look at me like that...you know who you are wonky eye'd people ;)

So anyways - Duraline is along the same veins as things like Too Faced Liquif-eye and the Shadow Transformer Potion from Urban Decay...it's meant to be mixed with eyeshadows and pigments to turn them into a waterproof liquid eyeliner.

I have it on good authority from Inglot as well that you can use your Duraline concoctions on the waterline as well as on the lips!

Though I will mention that Inglot is not responsible if the other brand's product is not tested for those purposes ;)

I have been testing this on and off since I received it on December 3rd (for the record, I purchased it myself during their black friday sale!) and I have to say, I'm already jonesing to order a backup...this stuff really is awesome you guys!  It mixes famously with both crushed shadows (I have some that cracked that I had previously pulverized into jars) as well as pigments and mineral makeup!  The possibilities are endless...

Do you know what else this product does?  Oh, you know, it just revives dried up liners... :D

What I've discovered that you only need one drop and then scoop a bit of your pigment or dried liner out of the jar and then mix on your hand or palette of choice...if you mix directly in the liner jar it'll ruin the product because of the properties of the Duraline.

As for wear, it holds up to my allergy prone eyes, and I take that as a pretty serious test.  I don't have a problem with it fading or moving around (I also prime my eyes every day with an eye primer!) and I have gotten up to 17.5 hours of wear from it (wore it one day I worked a double between my 2 jobs).

Purple liner in the photos is Inglot AMC Matte Gel Liner #74
Blue is Glamour Doll Eyes VETERAN mineral mixed with Duraline!
Yes, these are the photos from when i initially received my order...I've been lax about taking pictures of my makeup lately...sorry!

All in all I can say that this is definitely a product worth investing in - it's not that expensive and a tiny bit goes an incredibly long way!  Props to Inglot for another fabulous product!

Product: INGLOT Duraline
Availablility: inglotusa.com, freestanding Inglot locations
Price: $9.00 USD


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