Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nail of the Moment: China Glaze Mahogany Magic/Essie Shine of the Times

Today I got a super special package in the mail!  My BFF, the Will to my Grace - Em Wyllie (find him on his youtube or his blog) had very kindly sent me the entire China Glaze Capitol Colors collection, the China Glaze Magnetix Collection, a magnet, and his gently used Sony camcorder (so my own youtube videos can increase in quality!)  

So I figured I'd play around with one of the nail polishes - and I call these posts Nail of the Moment because frankly, I get bored with nail polish quickly so I tend to wear at least 2 or 3 manicures a week (depending on how manky my nails get from working 2 retail jobs...) 

Of all the gorgeous colors in the Capitol Colors collection, I of course had to choose the one color that has pretty universally been picked on (I mean, it is kind of boring...and it does kind of look like baby poop...let's be honest)...so I decided to kick it up a notch!

Head past the jump to see my NotM using China Glaze Mahogany Magic and Essie's Shine of the Times!

Mahogany Magic is the polish slated for Panem's District 7 (Lumber) - Oh I'm sorry, you haven't read the Hunger Games yet?  Ok, I'll just put some space here to give you time to read it..........................

Ok, now that you're sufficiently caught up in another book fad that is going around (and that is way more interesting and worth your time than certain other young adult books - oh and this one doesn't involve sparkly emo-glam vampires...can you tell I'm not a fan?)...

I'm assuming they were going for a wood color - personally I think it's an interesting color, but it has a just a slight lean of too much yellow for my tastes - lending it over to that baby poo color...buuuuuuuut...I think on the right skin tone it would look gorgeous.  

For myself personally, I just had to tweak it a tad to make it work for me :)

daylight bulb

nautral light

natural light

natural light w/ Essie's Shine of the Times

natural light, different angle to catch colors

natural light, more colors!

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