Wednesday, March 7, 2012

YouTube Series: ABC's Once Upon A Time: Blind Witch [Emma Caulfield]

Ok I know that this particular look is supposed to be based off the Blind Witch and honestly, it is...but just stay with me here for a minute while I pose a question.

Did anyone else compare the scene with the kids at the house to the Pale Man scene in Pan's Labyrinth?  Because I sure as hell did.  Sneaking around, being quiet as a mouse, and for all that is good in the world, DO NOT EAT THE FOOD because the witch is sleeping and if you do eat it she'll wake up and eat YOU! (and with copious amounts of food laying around and they haven't eaten all's the exact same storyline)...and for the record, Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies!

Head past the jump for the actual screencaps I used for inspiration as well as the embedded video tutorial :)

 (i can't decide if Emma looks like Chloe from Smallville or Meg Ryan in this screenshot)

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