Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thoughts: Marcelle BB Cream

The current trend in foundations right now kind of runs the gambit from liquid powder foundations (hello Hourglass Immaculate or Tarte Amazonian Clay) to the glowiest of them all (hello Tarte Miracle Maracuja or Lancome Teint Miracle)...to the hottest buzz right now -- BB Creams.

I know that western BB creams differ quite a bit from the Asian varieties that are quite popular...and I won't start an argument about which is better because I think that when you make a product you have to keep your consumer in mind...What I can tell you, coming from my medium-full coverage foundation loving self, is that I am smitten with our version of BB creams right now.  So many brands from higher end (Smashbox, Dior, Dr. Jart) to drugstore brands (Garnier, Maybelline) have one!  And while there are some differences as they crossed over borders, there is a unifying theme of what they should be.  Skincare PLUS makeup.  Our BB creams here in the west are much more like a tinted moisturizer (texture wise) but will still offer  more coverage than said tint and still quite a bit less than a medium coverage foundation.  Again, you will find that this is going to vary between brands.

I die over foreign drugstore brands because I find them far superior to 90% of American ones...so imagine my sheer delight when Em brought me a tube of the Marcelle BB Cream from Canada on our past vacation :)

Head past the jump for more information and in-depth thoughts!

Marcelle BB Cream is considered an 8-in-1 formulation and will offer the following benefits:
  • Evens out skintone
  • Hydration
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Shine Control
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • Reduces the appearance of imperfections
  • Adds radiance

I've used this a handful of times in the last 2 weeks and I've found that while it does offer the evening out of my skin tone, I still will have to use a concealer under my eyes or on top of any blemishes to completely cover them.  I can't really speak to the anti-aging of the product...but I can say that it is very soothing on the skin (I have a severe allergy to my cute fluffball Chowder and I can get some pretty bad hives and this on top of those really makes them not itch so much!) as well as giving a radiant glow which I love.  I don't find that it's a shine control, I will have to ask my sister to test run it for me as she's quite a bit more oily than my bone dry self :)

I never ever ever EVER tell anyone to use any kind of foundation product (yes, even if it includes skincare like this one!) to discontinue your moisturizer.  PLEASE DON'T.  None of these BB creams have enough hydration in them to keep your skin at optimal levels.  I promise.  I tried it to test it.  Haha.

It has a neutral undertone to it so that warmer and cooler tones will find that it's adjustable to both.  It comes in two varieties (Light Medium and Medium Dark) so I think that a variety of skin tones will be able to wear it as well.  The texture is thinner than most other BBs I've worked with which I prefer (it reminds me a LOT of the Dior HydraLife BB cream if you want a comparison!!!)

All in all I really do enjoy this product -- have you tried it?  What are your opinions on BB creams in general??

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