Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glamcor Hygienic Hand Palette

Every once in a while something comes along, and you think to yourself: "WHY did NOONE come up with this idea earlier?"

The Glamcor Hygienic Hand Palette is one of those little things!

Now I have to take a moment to tell you that I had a first impressions blogpost on my blog before as I had been asked by Erik (Glamcor founder) if I would be interested in testing the prototype...but when my blog went screwy...I lost every. single. post. and. photo.  Can you say angry?  Because I sure can.   Thankfully I have emails with my first impressions!  Thank goodness for archiving!

So a few months ago (meaning like...4 or so)...Erik was kind enough to send me a box of the final product to test out!  I am not being paid to write this blogpost nor do I have to say anything other than my own opinions so head past the jump for photos and what I think!

So I have been testing these on and off - both at home and in a more professional setting (not at my job like the first time around haha!).  

Not only do I love them - so did my clients.  I had the great opportunity to do a photo shoot with Blue Eyed Boutique and Audra Hatch Photography and I was working closely with the four models that day.  I used a new palette for each girl (obviously...) and even the girls thought that it was a brilliant idea -- especially after explaining exactly why I wanted to use them (more hygienic, not transferring oils etc. onto them).

If I recall the prototype ones, these palettes are slightly larger which is great...the adhesive is super sticky so they don't just easily fall off your hand, and it still allows the transfer of body heat to your products.

individually packaged in blister packs

medical grade and sterile

expiration date

much like a band-aid it is guaranteed sterile until either opened or the expiration date

place onto is still covered and sterile

remove the barrier

sterile hand palette ready to use!
(and the adhesive is amazingly strong!)

So what I have to say is I STILL LOVE THESE THINGS!  They definitely fixed a lot of the little things between prototype and finished product, and putting them through the trials of actual use on a job as well as just playing around with them at home...There isn't anything I don't love about them!

Erik is currently selling them for $12.00 USD and you get 50 units per box.  I think this is an incredibly reasonable price point - it doesn't break the bank and there is a good amount in the box.

Glamcor Hygienic Hand Palette:
Price:  $12.00 USD for 50 units per box

*This product was sent to me in prototype testing as well as the finished product.  I am not being compensated for this blog post.  This does not have any bearing on what I think of the product as I give all products fair testing and give an honest and unbiased opinion.


  1. I will be purchasing this, such a fabulous idea!

    1. please do! they are FANTASTIC and I know you'll love them!