Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skin Saver: Dr. Perricone Blue Plasma

Just a quick blog post to let you in on something that has saved my skin.

Many of you may know that I was in a pretty bad car accident in December that left me car-less for a month, but it also left me with a broken nose (thankfully it was a clean break and was re-set on New Year's Eve so it's on the mend!)

However, this meant two things.  A) no makeup until I could safely move my skin after the re-set (which was this past a month of no makeup) and B) no exfoliation.

Being very dry, this KILLED me on the inside.  I can deal with no makeup...heck, if I could go to work every day with the bare minimum I totally would (or at least the mornings I have to be there early haha!)  But no exfoliation?  My skin is going to haaaate me.

I kept most of it in check with gentle exfoliation with a washcloth, but as you can imagine, I couldn't exfoliate OR moisturize my nose and very quickly I had a dry and scaly nose.  Boo.

Blue Plasma came out just after Christmas and thank goodness it did!  It is a super gentle, non-acidic daily facial peel that will not leave your skin sensitive or red...and it is specifically formulated to only go after dead skin cells while protecting the healthy ones AND it micro exfoliates without dryness!  Blue Plasma I love you.

I got a sample from my local Sephora and used said sample for 3 days.  No more flakes.  None.  At all. I have to say that I am won over by this (normally I am adverse to Perricone because of the high price point --this product I believe is $95-- and I am super picky about how my products smell...many of the Perricone products contain DMAE which has a slightly fishy odor to most people...this product however has virtually no scent).  I will say with a little bit of excitement that I can't wait for my tax return because this little bottle of blue is going to be mine.

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