Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Woman With Many Faces [Face Charts]

One of my favorite things to do is to play around with face charts.  Ever since I worked counter for MAC, I've loved taking products and literally grinding them onto the paper to create something three dimensional and beautiful on something that's a very two dimensional surface.  (By the by...back in the day that I *did* work counter, you really did have to grind the colors onto the charts...haha)

I've done face charts on all different types of pre-made charts (and I kid you not...I've even done them on plain computer paper...HARD!)...and I got some in the mail about a month ago that really take the cake.  I know that he is still working on them and improving them -- but seriously...get thee to Dustin's site and get some of these bad boys for yourself if you're a chart person!


Also, I kept the images kind of big so that when you click on them you can see the texture. you're welcome -- haha!

I think (and maybe it's just my own personal preference) that I'd almost like to not even have the eyebrow guides...When I do charts that don't have brows...or when I want an unnatural brow shape I feel like I can always see the "ghost lines" beneath...again, it could just be me being weird haha!

Lots of room to write your products - and you don't have to have itty bitty handwriting either!

I absolutely adore that he designed this with both eyes open!  The shape lends itself to many different eye shapes and look types.

The only thing that took me a while to get used to was the actual construction of the face -- it actually looks like a human!  Hehe.  The *only* reason I say that is because I'm used to working on charts where the faces look like robots.  Seriously guys...have you LOOKED at a blank MAC chart?  Or a chart from Sephora? Creeeeeeeepy.  The year there was a tin man in MAC's halloween looks, I seriously thought to myself: "Gee...whoever designed that must have forgot about it until the day of..."

The texture is fantastic for blending...I don't have to grind colors into the paper!  I also like the lashline that's drawn in on the top - I feel like it's more realistic looking once the chart is finished...

All in all, these are fantastic and I will be ordering lots (um...but probably not till tax refund time though - mama needs to pay for her car to get fixed from the accident haha) -- but I need hoardes of these STAT!

The face charts are currently $10.50 USD for a pack of 20 (limited time on this price if I recall correctly) and have the option of being pre-drilled for three hole punches.  All the information is linked above to Dusty's post on his blog about it.

I'm serious guys...go get some...these are the bees knees!

*the face charts featured in this blog post were provided to me.  i am not being compensated for this post and this does not have any influence on what i think about them -- if they were crap I'd tell you!  or i wouldn't even waste a post on them haha*


  1. Those are nice! I think I'd prefer no eyebrow guideline too x

    1. I love face charts and Dusty certainly took care in making something that really does justice to actually sitting down and making them. LOVE! (And I was just informed that you can take an eraser to those guidelines and almost completely erase them!)