Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Impressions: Almay Clear Complexion Foundation

Far Right:  Almay Clear Complexion
Shade: 220 Neutral

So I was at work last week.  And I kept seeing discounted cosmetics come through my checkout lane.  And I was intrigued.  So I checked it out on my break and while most of the lighter shades were gone I did manage to grab a couple light shades in this foundation and the Cover Girl NatureLuxe foundation (review forthcoming and will be linked when I've had a chance to test it!) for only $1.50 USD each!  I think my store is just discontinuing these particular products...I don't think the companies are...but correct me if I'm wrong!

So at any rate...on to my first impressions of the product (head past the jump!)

To catch you up to speed...I'm away house sitting for the week and my makeup arsenal is kind of limited because really, i didn't want to bring a crapton of junk...and honestly...i did...(and I guess there are a couple things I totally forgot to bring...primer being one of them and boy am I angry that I skin hates me right now)

At any rate...all that's on my skin in the photo is moisturizer, foundation, and powder (i mean, in addition to blush and bronzer...where I'm going with that is there is no primer) and the photo was taken  12 hours after applying.

The shade 220 is a perfect match for my skin tone right now (as i'm heading out of winter tones and into summer tones).  When I first put the foundation on my skin this morning I typed a couple quick notes so that I'd remember to put them here for you -- they say:

Starts out as a dewey almost satin finish
Blends easily (even w/out primer)
Perfect Shade Match

After wearing the foundation for the whole day this is what I've concluded...

It does wear quite well, even without primer (my dry skin might have something to do with this...but as I never go without primer I can't say if this is typical or not).  The finish is definitely more of a satin finish and I did have to re-powder my face around the 9 hour mark.  Despite containing salicylic acid, this foundation did not dry out my already dry skin - which I was very pleased to find out!

In all honesty this will probably go to my oilier skinned acne prone sister Adrian, but it's definitely a foundation that anyone should check out!

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