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Tag: 11 Beauty Questions [GlossMenagerie]

So one of the first blogs I stumbled across in my Easter Day sleepy stupor this morning is one of my favorites!  Alyson (GlossMenagerie)  had done an 11 Questions beauty blog tag and it reminded me of how much fun tag posts can be!
I know that since I've revamped my blog (due to a mishap with all of my photos being deleted through google...which I'm still angry about haha) I haven't done any tags, so let's make this one the first.  Happy Zombie Jesus Appreciation Day everyone!! xoxo

11 Things About Ashleigh:
* I'm addicted to the taste and smell of peppermint 
* the only thing i was truly ever good at in school (at least in my opinion) was singing and theater which is why i went to school for musical theater performance
* i have a performance degree from university for musical theater, and a minor in criminology
* i still wish i could be an astronaut (but as my lungs collapse in zero g due to asthma it sadly won't ever happen) but i still secretly want to be in the field of astronomy
* star trek is my favorite television and movie franchise.  ever. (yep. you got me. i'm a trek nerd)
* i'm a crazy cat lady despite being severely allergic to cats
* my favorite book of all time is Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney (also one of my top 5 musicals)
* my favorite musical of all time is CHESS
* i love autumn for it's colors, the changing of the leaves, and the perfect temperatures you get between the end of august and mid-october
* i would never want to live in florida ever again but i do miss the people i met while i was there terribly.
* despite being a makeup artist, i never seriously wore makeup at all until 2005

And these are the questions that Alyson's having us answer!

1.) What beauty brand do you own the most of?  Probably MAC at the moment with Urban Decay coming in a close 2nd
2.) If you had to choose, lipstick or lipgloss?  Lipgloss.  Always, lipgloss.
3.) Have you ever had a beauty disaster (bad hair cut, burned at the waxer, etc)?  Yep. My waxer back when I was in high school accidentally waxed off 1/2 my eyebrow by blobbing wax on it.  Thanks.
4.) Do you prefer pre-made palettes or homemade palettes?  I'm lazy.  I like pre-made palettes.
5.) What is your most prized possession of your beauty stash?  MAC Shell Pearl beauty powder.  It's how I met my best friend!
6.) Do you collect any beauty products? What about non-beauty items? I used to collect MAC pigments and mineralize skinfinishes, but now I don't make it a point to have everything because I'll never go through what I have.  As far as non beauty...I collect musicals on cd and movie musicals on dvd.
7.) What is your favorite beverage?  I love seltzer water.  Flavored or plain...doesn't matter to me!
8.) What kind of phone do you have and what is the design of your phone cover?  I have an iPhone 4S with a purple and white Otterbox.
9.) What’s a beauty product that you love but most people don’t?  probably my paintbrushes that came from the craft store that I use for eyeshadow HAHA!  Other than's easier to tell you what I don't love that everyone likes...Diorshow Mascara.  WHY DOES MY MASCARA HAVE TO SMELL LIKE A NANA?!?!?!?!?  I don't like rose scent anyways and it's all I can smell when I open it. Haha.
10.) What’s on your nails right at this very moment?  SPArituals Illume and Sephora by OPI Once A Cheetah
11.) What’s the oldest thing in your stash and how old is it?  My MAC Violet pigment harkens back to 2005.  It was my first high end beauty purchase.

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