Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Impressions: INGLOT Cosmetics

The internet has been abuzz for many many months now with a company that I'm sure you've all heard of by now - INGLOT Cosmetics.  (the website in that link is Inglot's USA site!)

They've been promoted heavily by gurus on youtube as well as being present at the many variations of highly anticipated makeup shows that go on throughout the year (i.e.: IMATS, The Makeup Show...)

If I'm correct in recalling my information, it's is a Polish brand and something like 95% of their products are produced in the European Union - which I think is amazing - I'm not going to get started on debates about where makeup is made and why [insert country of origin here] is good/bad....but I just think it's awesome when a company has a direct handle in the products they manufacture.

For us in the USA it's also awesome as there is now a flagship store in Chelsea, NYC and plenty of other locations to find their amazing products (Vegas, Jersey, Costa Mesa, Chi-town, SanFran just to name a few)!

I finally broke down when I realized that my beloved MAC Chromaline is drying out (I mean, I've had it FOREVER and it's just now starting to get to the point where it's a pain to work with) and I wanted to try something new...

Head past the jump to see my purchase and my thoughts on the products I received!

Products Purchased:
3-Pan Square Palette (Freedom System) $7.00 USD
AMC Matte Gel Eyeliner #77 (Matte Black)  $12.00 USD
AMC Shine #15 (orange with gold shine)  $5.00 USD
Pearl #422 (brown pearl)  $5.00 USD

Total+Shipping: $36.00
(total time from placing order to delivery at my house was just over a week as I placed my order late friday night)

 The AMC Matte Gel Eyeliner is FREAKING AMAZING.  It looks like it's going to be of a denser consistency than it actually is when you see it in it's little pot...don't let it deceive you!  If you see the texture on my finger, it's quite creamy and it almost feels like it's in a slightly melted state - it's interesting - no need to jam a brush into the jar - and a little goes a LONG way.

You can see by the swatch that it's a very dense black - and in my experience since I've been using it I've discovered a few things:

  • It's a true black - it doesn't lean either red or blue on me...which I think makes it especially good for using with all different color combinations (and yes, I feel this is important to point out because I've tried a lot of gel liners in my day and there have been occasions where they've leaned too warm or cool to use with certain looks)
  • A little goes a very long way - in the photos above I only took enough to show you and I could have spread that swatch around to a much larger spot!
  • It is amazingly waterproof.  If you don't wash it off your brush when you're done lining your eyes, you'll probably have to deep clean the brush because it doesn't all come out with just spot cleaning (or maybe it's just me...anyone have any opinions on that one?)
Will this completely replace my Chromaline or is this my HG (holy grail if you weren't aware of the abbreviation) black gel eyeliner?  Only time will tell...I feel like I cannot make that decision until I've gone through a whole pot :)

 (for anyone who doesn't know, my BlackBlack Chromaline from MAC totally wins against Fluidline which I now only will purchase if it's in a decent color...which sadly doesn't happen often anymore.)

AMC Shine #15 (Orange w/ Golden Shine)

Pearl #422 (brown with pearl finish)

Firstly I need to apologize for the photos...I need a new lightbulb because I think the one in my lamp is not a daylight bulb...*annoying*  The swatches are a little more accurate as far as colors go...

I need to also say that online swatches are a terrible thing to rely on anyways because when I ordered Pearl #422 I thought it was more of a grayed taupe with a brown pearl...and it's more like a milk chocolatey brown with a matching pearl in real life...but I'm happy with it nonetheless!

AMC Shine #15 is so gorgeous!  I'm a sucker for oranges and peaches and I still haven't quite figured out why yet (for the record, Urban Decay Freelove is one of my all time favorite colors on the face of the planet...but that's a story for another post)  It's a gorgeous medium orange with a yellow gold sheen over the top...I die just looking at it.

These shadows are amazing to work with - so buttery and soft - they have a much better texture to me than a Dior eyeshadow or even a Yves St. Laurent eyeshadow - and I feel that says something considering those two are such Luxe brands!  I'd say their texture falls somewhere between a MAC Veluxe and a Veluxe Pearl...considering that I got two shimmery colors, I can't speak for their mattes until I order them...and yes, I will be ordering more!

The shadows, though shimmery, are not overly shiny nor do they have any kind of glittery fallout.  I always tap my brush before putting it to my eyes and I noticed no more than any kind of average fallout I receive from shadows.  

I'll just say it right now, if their other products are as good as this, I'm going to have a very tight pocket when I have extra money...I've already got my sights set on getting a 10-pan palette and their re-activator for gel liners (let's see if I can't fix my chromaline, right?)

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  1. I've been wanting to try Inglot for a while. That gel liner looks amazing! I love how black it is.