Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Roundup: Halloween 2011

So if you do read my blog, you'll have no doubtedly noticed the teaser post for Halloween 2011.  Originally I was going to blog each look each day (basically, I like to do Halloween for a week at my jobs and since they're so awesome they both let me!) but a power outage in the middle of it kind of ruined things.


If you head past the jump, you'll be privy to all of the 2011 Halloween looks (and the youtube video I slapped together of them!)

Fierce Eyes (Monday) - drag inspired cut crease with glitter liner to make it stand out!

Zipper Eye v. 2011 (blogpost)

Peacock-Inspired Mask w/ Paperself Lashes

Cheetah Face recreation of Jasmine's video

Galaxy-Inspired Mask w/ MAX lashes 
(Tina got them for me in Holland...I'm not sure how to get ahold of them!)

Rocky Horror Frank-N-Furter look on Halloween Day!
(no, not black swan thank you very much...long story)

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