Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mascara Madness: Lash Primer Love! My Holy Grail!!

I know I give a lot of time to lashes...but 2nd to eyeshadows, mascara is probably my most favorite beauty item.  A mascara can completely change a look just depending on what it claims to do.

I know I said in my last mascara review my thoughts on lengthening and thickening and how every mascara can do both...and I still firmly believe this to be true (unless of course the lengthening has fibers in it which is a completely different story).

Something I haven't mentioned however is how I feel about lash primers.  I'm pretty sure everyone at one point or another has tried the drugstore equivalent with their double ended tubes of white primer on one end and blackest black mascara on the other.  My major issue with those is that no matter what, the primer and mascara combined leave your lashes one of two ways...clumpy or gray.  Neither of which is my personal favorite mascara look, but if it's yours by ALL means please keep going with it :)

I've been jaded about primers.  I've tried the Dior one, I've tried the Lancome one...both of which fell short on my priming expectations.  I was resigned that a primer just wasn't for me.  Which is perfectly fine - I'm not saying that like a face primer a lash primer is something that is completely necessary.

Enter:  Tarte multiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer.

Head past the jump for my thoughts on what is now my holy grail of lash priming.

Oh Tarte lash primer, how do I love thee?

I got a sample size of this in a mini duo and completely fell in love with it.  The conical wand separates your lashes while applying the perfect amount of primer to them.

This is part of the Tarte 3-step multiplEYE lash enhancing system (it also includes a natural lash growth serum and a mascara infused with the same ingredients).  The claims are that the primer gives a 739% appearance of the increase in lash volume.  Now...I think the numbers that Tarte puts on the mascaras are outrageous...WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?  While I may not see a 739% increase I do see a marked improvement of how my mascara works AND my lashes are much healthier!

The most amazing part about this primer for myself is that no matter what mascara I end up putting over it, it looks good.  I could take the worst mascara on the planet and put it over this primer, and I guarantee you I'd like it!  And I think that speaks volumes!

What: Tarte multiplEYE Lash Primer
                                          Where: tartecosmetics.com, Sephora, Sephora.com
How Much:  $22.00 USD

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