Friday, June 29, 2012

Thoughts: Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15

I am going to start out being 100% honest.
Clinique and I [generally] do not get along and I am not a fan.  Especially of their skincare.
3-step?  No.  I don't think you can pigeonhole people into one whole line of cleaners/toners/moisturizers.  I dislike the cleansers, the toners have WAY too much alcohol in them, and the DDML/DDMG (aka Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel respectively) quite frankly, suck.

Now.  That being said.  I understand that for many people the 3-Step program works wonderfully.  I am not here to dispute this.  I simply am stating my opinions based on personal trials as well as feedback from others.


Then there comes a product or two that for one reason or another will just blow you out of the water.  I have 2 such products from their cosmetics range (most of which underwhelms me too, for the record) and I will probably love these 2 products until either a) they're discontinued or b) i die.  One is a mascara will will be included in a Mascara Madness post when I open my new tube...and the star of the post today is Clinique EVEN BETTER SPF 15 Foundation!

Head pas the jump to see my thoughts and opinions on this product!

So as you can see from the photos above I am shade 4 in this foundation which they say is a "very fair - golden shade.  For reference I generally wear a MAC NC25-30 depending on my mood.

A side note on Clinique's shades.  They often run VERY pink toned and even though this is a VF-G shade, I still feel it borders a touch too much on beige-pink territory.  There is a fair amount of pink and a touch of yellow to neutralize it.  In this line I have noticed that most shades are either pink or straight yellow.  So getting a proper shade match will be a must for you!

What Clinique says the product will do is give you a more even skintone while visibly diminishing age spots/discoloration in 4-6 weeks.  Now, it doesn't say that you have to use it continuously but if we believe there is some kind of skincare benefit, you will have to be consistent.  I've also been looking around their site and Sephora's and I haven't seen anything that says that it contains the Dark Spot corrector so I'm going to have to reach out to the company to get that answer.  They also say it's medium to full coverage and it does contain an SPF with antioxidants.

I will say that using it myself I always have said that it's a full coverage foundation with the feel of a medium.  That's not saying you can't sheer it out to be a medium coverage, but even when I buff it with my beloved Real Technique's buffing brush, it still looks like a full coverage to me while still offering that flexibility and movement that I love from a medium coverage.

I like the design of the squeeze bottle (for now...I have a feeling when it's nearing the end I'll hate it because I know there'll still be product in it).  I appreciate that it is a squeeze tip rather than being designed like their ever popular Superbalanced Foundation which is a typical glass bottle that you tip out the product (waste city I tell you!!)

My dry skin gets along quite well with this product.  It doesn't stick to flakes! (for the record Clinique says it's best for skin types 2 and 3 if you fall into that awkward 3-step program). It has a dewy finish regardless, and I do find if I wear the foundation longer than 10 or so hours it will get a tad more shiny, but as I like dewy skin I don't mind at all!  My more oily friends will definitely want to powder it down a bit, but it looks phenomenal on all skin types!

As far as prices go, I see Clinique as a stepping stone between your drugstore foundations ($10-$15) and your higher end foundations ($32+) so it's definitely affordable and even if this isn't the formula you prefer, they have a bunch of different ones so there is something for everyone!

What: Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15
                                          Where: department stores,, Sephora,
How Much:  $26.00 USD

the product contained in this post was purchased by me.  no company has any bearing on what i write about in my blog.

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  1. Nice post! Thank you! I bought earlier today my foundation Ivory 03... I am hesitant to open it cos of all the comments about it getting darker/orange (I am NC20 in MAC scale), given yours, I think I might be in the right path.. :) let's see tomorrow yuhuuu