Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mascara Madness: Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

I'm going to wholeheartedly admit that I am one of THOSE PEOPLE when it comes to mascara.  I have the ones I love...and then I have a graveyard area where I toss the rejects to save just in case I need one for theater/I run out of my favorite and I need something until I can get another one.

But when it comes to Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes kind of lives in this weird limbo area between the two.  I simply cannot decide one way or the other about it.

Head past the jump for more of my thoughts and photos of application! I think my lashes are alright.  Yes, I did make them a little longer with the Urban Decay Lush Lash System (hey, I was curious and as long as it didn't make them fall out, I was game!) but despite that...I've got a pretty full set for always pulling at them when I was a kid.

So out of my mascaras I want volume, length, and curl (so everything basically) and at the same time I do NOT want them to feel like crusty, crunchy, overcooked french fries... personal opinions on mascaras are going to be kind of vital to this and all future mascara reviews.  Firstly...I don't think ANY mascara gives you curl...I know that there are some out there with polymers and waxes that say they lift as they dry...but I've not found that to be the case honestly. far as length and volume are concerned...I think that every single mascara will give you both.  Volume comes from getting the brush right to the roots, wiggling, and pulling through...and length comes from hitting the very tips of your lashes (most people have longer lashes than they think...the tips are just blonde!  Some people may need to attack their lashes from the top first, then comb through from the bottom as usual)

So why does Givenchy's mascara fall into a limbo?

Well...It does a good job at giving me length -- hitting the tips of my lashes -- and it's ok with volume (and it may just be me...the wand is quite different and I've poked myself a couple times so I don't go too close to my roots) and lift...meh.

I think why it lives in limbo with me is because I want a little more out of it...I like a thicker mascara for a thicker lash and I just don't feel that it gives it to me...even with multiple coats.  But again, it's not a terrible mascara either!  Mascara to me is a lot like choosing a personal.  I wear this and people tell me my lashes look great, but I just don't see it as they are seeing it.

Overall I think it is a great mascara, and while not my first choice to repurchase, I would have to say that I would purchase it if I was looking for the type of lash that it does gives me (which you'll see in the photos below)

What: Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara
Where: Givenchy Locations, Sephora,
How Much:  $30.00 USD

*the product featured in this blogpost was provided to me.  this has no bearing on any of my opinions stated within the blog*

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